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Comprehensive Mold Inspection

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An Adkinson Insurance Service mold inspection specializes in indoor air quality, moisture intrusion, humidity, odor control, mold testing, and complete analysis of your property. We employ the latest techniques & technology to ascertain the source of your mold problem, preventative solutions, and the overall indoor air quality of your home. Mold produces many toxins and health risks, and ensuring you are utilizing the right professional is critical. Adkinson Insurance Service works with many of the state’s top investment firms, law offices, realtors, landlords, medical offices, and financial institutions. We offer these same level of inspection services to homeowners throughout Lakeland, Florida, and surrounding areas.
Services has provided the highest level of service for our customers in Lakeland, Florida. Our company is 100% dedicated to providing you with peace of mind by ensuring that your home or business is well protected. When it comes to protecting your home or business from unexpected events, nothing else can compare! If you need a roofing inspection in Lakeland, FL, don’t wait another minute
  • Thermal Imaging to detect hidden moisture & leaks
  • Moisture Detection Devices to find hidden moisture
  • RH Humidity devices to determine the humidity within your home
  • A complete thorough and visual inspection to see mold and other problem areas
  • Bio Pump Air Testing utilized to determine the indoor air quality
  • Swab & Bio Tape used for direct mold sampling
  • Mold Sampling Results are available same day or 24-hour turnaround.

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