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Ceiling Stains and Slab Leaks

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Most people don’t know how to inspect their own homes for damage. A simple ceiling inspection can tell you whether you need to worry about damage or not. It could also save you thousands of dollars in repairs down the road if a problem needs addressing. Our team of experienced inspectors will come out and do a comprehensive inspection of your ceiling, walls, and other areas where water damage could develop. We take photos and notes to reassess the issue at any time in the future, which means we stay up-to-date with what’s going on at your house.


Expert Slab Inspections

Every year, thousands of homeowners end up with leaks in their homes. The most common cause of these leaks is water damage due to slab leaks. These are caused by breaks or cracks in the pipe coming out of your home’s foundation. Repairing slab leaks can be expensive, so it makes sense to worry about preventing them before they start. That’s where Adkinson Insurance Services comes in. We provide high-quality slab leak inspections to help you find and fix potential problems before they cause any real damage to your home.

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