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About Us

Adkinson Insurance Services was founded in 2012, as an agency to help people in need of finding coverages.  As the curtains were pulled back, we started to notice there are more people in need of help with processing claims.  An expansion was necessary.  

As Public Adjusters, we are hired by homeowners directly to advocate on their behalf to process claims.

We have developed relationships not only with homeowners, but with the insurance companies and their adjusters in order to get your claim processed correctly and promptly.  
Adkinson Insurance Services can process your claim from any point of the claim.  For the best outcomes come from us opening the claim.  Most insurance companies request that your claim is reported in the first 72 hours.  We can handle the entire claim process for our clients.  It is important that your property be mitigated through the proper channels and by using reputable contractors.  We strive for excellence from our contractors, both internal and external.  
The largest gain for our clients is streamlined, unfiltered communication.  Where you have 100% transparency to know exactly what is going on in your claim at all times.
During the process of a claim, there are many frustrations and unknowns when homeowners files a claim.  There is no magic button that just makes your claims payout out and be finished, but there are a series of magic buttons.  As a team of insurance professionals, we are truly on your side to help apply those “magic buttons” to make sure everything is taken care of and your only out of pocket expense is your deductible.  
In the event the claim isn’t handled properly by your insurance company and the insurance company hasn’t done the right thing, we can create an argument for an attorney to litigate.  We have a variety of first party property attorneys that we can refer you to as well.

Randall “Ray” Adkinson
License # W115805
Insurance Benefits Advisor / Public Adjuster



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